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Computers for Schools Uganda

Project Background / Concept

CfSK started with PCs distribution and is now doing ICT for edu work.

In the future, CfSK “intends to network all the educational and training institutions on the programme into a single widespread community of learning through a shared remotely accessible eLearning Platform. We hope to do the same for all our community centres to enable them truly share information, experiences and best practices for sustainable development.” http://www.cfsk.org/index.php?pageid=2#achievements

On January 4th, the 1st (of 13) ICT for Edu workshop will deliver basic ICT training (CfSU has contracted SchoolNet to deliver them. A portion of the workshop program will be devoted to a presentation about WikiEducator, and the opportunity to freely create, share and re-use open education resources (OERs).

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