IDE Shoot-out

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IDE Shoot-out
Convenor: Michael Hunger

Elisabeth, Kasimir Alexander Kasimir, John Kostaras


Discussion on IDE features, usefulness, need for them. Comparing the two used IDE's (NetBeans, IntellJ IDEA). Eclipse users where not present.

Important for an IDE

  • intuitive usage
  • refactorings,
  • intelligence, smart completion, great name suggestions
  • good source code navigation
  • fast searches
  • build tool integration


  • quick project setup of different types (web, rcp)
  • rcp framework
  • great UI editor
  • databse tools


  • lots of refactorings
  • lots of intentions (also fix-all, apply to project)
  • fast searches, find symbol
  • structural search & replace
  • "command line" via "run action"
  • great vcs integration

both have

  • refactorings
  • smart naming
  • database tooling support


(no eclipse user showed up)

  • slow searches
  • fewer refactorings
  • fewer default keyboard shortcuts
  • lots of plugin issues
  • problematic maven integration

(implicit in the above)