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A Bibliography of ICT Applications in Education in Africa


This bibliography is the initial phase of a survey [1] initiated by the Information for Development Program (infoDev, [2]), a multi-donor partnership housed at the World Bank, being carried out in partnership with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL). While the primary purpose of the bibliography is to inform the process of developing reports that will focus on ICT developments in each African country, it is also being shared openly in the hope that it will be useful to others, and, more importantly, that others will add items and offer suggestions for improvement. The items in this collection have been selected on the basis that they provide data about ICT in education policy development and implementation processes; current projects; constraints in implementing ICT-enabled education; available infrastructure, teacher professional development and training, and digital education content development. The bibliography is therefore a potpourri of studies, evaluation reports, government policy documents, news items, and reports from other surveys that have been written since 2000. We will be adding to the work as the country reports proceed. All URLs were checked between December 5 and 19 2006. This is the second version of the bibliography, however it remains a “work in progress!” We hope you will join in the process.

Glen Farrell
Shafika Isaacs

Survey Co-Leaders

ICT4EdAfrica Bibliography

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