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1914-1918: The Great War

The effects of the war

  • Peace through treaties:
    • Treaty of St Germain (with Austria)
    • Treaty of Neuilly (with Bulgaria)
    • Treaty of Versailles (with Germany)
      • Demilitarisation
      • Germany wasn't allowed in the Rhineland.
      • France occupied the Rhineland.
      • Germany later went on to invade the Rhineland in 1936, under Hitler's orders.
      • War Debt/Reparations
      • 6.6 billion pounds, later reduced in the Young Plan of 1929
      • Germany was given the blame for the war.
      • Germans didn't find this at all fair, causing bitterness and hatred towards the four 'powers', America, Italy, France and Britain.
    • Creation of the League of Nations
      • America didn't join, which highly disadvantaged the League.
      • Germany wasn't allowed to join either, until 1926