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(c) What was New Zealand’s role on the international stage 1970–1985?

The role of foreign aid and development assistance

1981 Springbok Tour

<kaltura-widget kalturaid='dp52gww7kg' size='L' align='R'/> HART (Halt All Racist Tours) was formed 1969/70. Discussion about whether the Springboks should tour to New Zealand in 1973. Early 1960s the African National Congress called for a boycott of contact with SA (except US, Britain and NZ). Rob Muldoon used the issue to try to win elections in 1975, 1978 and 1981. There was an attempt to have NZ thrown out of the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, and 29 countries boycotted the games. 600 black school children were killed while the All Blacks toured SA in 1976. There was a huge international response to the 1981 Springbok tour with other countries watching with growing amazement. The Commonwealth and United Nationals called for the tour to be stopped but were ignored by Muldoon's government. Many appeals from foreign governments to stop the tour.

Opposition to nuclear testing, and the role of peace groups

  • Mururoa Atoll
  • Bikini Atoll
  • The bombing of the Rainbow Warrior

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