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Register and join us at the National Library for Heywire8 - Wellington, 4 August 2009

I am looking forward to the think tank. I believe it will be a great opportunity to collaborate further with a view to strengthening our emergent vision on OER. My vision is one of excitement as we progress down a pathway that unlocks access to the many resources we share. The work we have led at Otago Polytechnic has had us rethinking many aspect of availability and access to educational resources, as well as considering the best ways to ensure that resources and individuals creativity is not lost, and that every effort is made to enhance their ownership and decision making around the how knowledge is transmitted. This fits very well within my own educational philosophy which has its roots in RPL. So for me this opportunity adds another component to the jigsaw that frames Education for me. I am looking forward to contributing and learning from other in the think tank.