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Register and join us at the National Library for Heywire8 - Wellington, 4 August 2009


My Vision Statement for Heywire8

  • look for ways to position NZ as a world leader in collaborative and open educational development / delivery, and in open and distance learning
  • identifying high-leverage and strategically-aligned activities so that this initiative becomes rooted in NZ educational culture, and there is an easy connection ('win-win') for strategic partners
  • developing an Open Engagement process and an Action Research / Learning , so that the emphasis is on doing and learning, vs. planning and educating. (Please see my comments on the Agenda Discussion Page. It's important to structure the Think Tank so that it is led and 'owned' by New Zealand / Otago with adequate time for discussion around a 'framework for implementation'.)
  • identify natural communities-of-interest - that we can cluster projects around, build individual and community capacity, and support them as they grow organically.
  • consider Oceania as a test-bed / arena for outreach pilot projects
  • develop preliminary measurable and meaningful metrics (M&E) - make sure that the execs have meaningful information which they can communicate to their stakeholders to get further support and buy-in
  • have some fun in the process ~ because we're with like-minded people...

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