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Register and join us at the National Library for Heywire8 - Wellington, 4 August 2009

My vision statement for the think tank

I am a technologist and enjoy exploring ways technology can facilitate collaboration. I've been active in the Open Source software development for more than 20 years and hope that some of the same technologies and methodologies that allow us to work together in that realm can be brought to bear on creating, deploying, and archiving educational resources.

I hope standards, or at least conventions, can be used in open educational resources to facilitate their reuse. Simple content is not enough, we need enough semantic information to be able to unlock, repurpose, and redeploy it.

Notes Following Heywire8

It was interesting how much of the discussion around OERs and institutional adoption copies the discussion the software community and companies had over about Open Source. I hope the Action Plan can move from talk to a national (or regional) initiative.

Discussion with Wayne Mackintosh and Brent Simpson surrounding the Think Tank led to:

Jim Tittsler