A New Zealand OER Initiative

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Register and join us at the National Library for Heywire8 - Wellington, 4 August 2009

coming soon...a place to draw "Distinctions" about what worked and did not work!


  • that there was pre-engagement activity
  • critical mass of stakeholders, albeit limited participation (25), by invitation
  • leaders involved from the beginning, even at the invitation level
  • personal vision/statements (hyperlinked to User Page on ThinkTank)
    • people used their wiki skills, and in the case where people did not have them, they provided content, and others in the NZ Community helped them out, to display their vision statement, and create the appropriate page
  • open and transparent process; supportive words and collaborative actions - built trust
  • pre-Thank tank discussion - Heywire8 Discussion Group on Googl)

During Think Tank

  • apparent to participants that they were part of a Community of Support (NZ)
  • apparent to participants that they were connected to a global Community of Support and linkages
  • development of Action Plan
  • open and visible dialogue - recorded on the wiki, conversations provided via audio capture (placed on wiki later), images and captions
  • input via many forms, even IRC

Post- Think Tank