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Register and join us at the National Library for Heywire8 - Wellington, 4 August 2009

Morning: Getting started -- the groundwork


  • Mihi Welcome from Robin Day Otago Polytechnic assistant CEO:
  • Mihi Mark Laws from Hawkes Bay Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi
  • 1st speaker Robin Day: Reflections on Otago Polytechnic implementing an open content IP policy in 2007: A quantum shift for sustainable education; Intellectual Property: technology transfer: copyright;
  • Dr Wayne Mackintosh Opening message from the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) explaining How WikiEducator will support you in achieving your objectives; international collaborations: innovation.
  • Question and answer with open forum discussion;: TANZ: Contestable OER funds: International resource allocation: Intellectual Property and copyright: Patent: around the table introductions :*1:00 Question and answer
  • 1:12 Discussion: Question to Nathan Parker Warrington primary school; Economic knowledge management; collaboration using conventions, used in open educational resources to facilitate their reuse. Simple content is not enough, we need enough semantic information to be able to unlock, repurpose, and re-deploy to promote content value and re-uesable modules; market model; OIL Online Information Literacy; Digital Information Literacy; wikieducator; Danny Wolters MOE knowledge management;

Afternoon 1: Engagement phase, ongoing


  • Developing NZ Open Educational resources strategy; Draft Plan of Action: Identifying the action steps by articulating a national value proposition for collaboration on OER New Zealand.
  • 0:1 Bronwyn Hegarty questions the strategic issues involvement of motivation of students in OER construction, quality of OER.
  • 6:0 Leigh Blackall OER wiki template; participatory wikiversity student generated content; why do this and whats in it for us. Content and process questions.
  • 12:0 Richard Wylie introduces [] Open educational resources. Reusable skins.
  • 20:0 Massey University terry Stuart co-ordinator for e-learning guidelines for NZ; mini projects TKI Unforseen circumstances: “An unethical Adventure”... rich media code.
  • 28:0 Ako Aotearoa Public Domain: copyright tensions and contradictions of Public funding and individual copyright ownership; creative commons debate
  • Facilitator Plenary report back on the value proposition Bronwyn Hegarty; course content materials and OER student participant course content & construction: student generated open educational resources.
  • What are we going to do and how will we do it?
  • Categorized group work: Strategy and policy; Advocacy and capability development; Supporting OER wiki technologies; Waynd Mackintosh Apprenticeship model of training staff in collaborative; Keith tyler-Smith iterative software model analogy for OER module; peer review;
  • Peer review TANZs; community of practice; scalability challenges; network resources;
  • Plenary report back and discussion Leigh Blackall National Co-ordination Strategy; National library; Bluehost link to University of Canturbury; economic models; copyright; Intellectual Property; national strategies include school sectors (Warrington School)

Afternoon 2: What are the milestones? who will help


  • Peer review TANZ; network neutrality; Telcose; open network delivery;Wiki publication Text Book collaboration Ruth Lawson;
  • 1:21 Danny Wolton production models OER, economic model;
  • 1:27 Otago Polytechnic Facilitating online communities; certification; reuseability; NZ collaboration Facilitating online communities: Free access; hosting formal and informal participation; resourcing and certification costs; summary; TEC ringfences a proportion of contestable funds same as British Colombian model;
  • 1:42 Economic model of multiple funding sources; Ako Aotearoa.
  • Wayne Makintosh & the TO DO list; eFest; Green Party; learning objects and repositries; google developing OER search engine;
  • 0:20 Otago Polytechnic Intellectual Porperty policy; Open course strategy; student and schools collaborations student assn; COL re-uses Funding for MIT through Human Foundation (Hewlet Packard);
  • 0:31 copyright policy change throughout other NZ institutions; university of Otago copyright policy; debate copyright of course materials; individuals or institutions responsibility and the public domain; default to creative commons; who is interested to help in writing a think tank report collaboration for efest and forward plans for Heywire8. When should they be achieved?
  • 0:43 Wayne Mackintosh to create log of TO DO list on discussion page in wikieducator; comfort levels Robin Day Comments and thoughts about implementation plans; Concluding thanks and remarks.

Technology session


Nuts and bolts session and technology issues; Wayne Mackintosh, Jim Tittsler, Brent Simpson, Leigh Blackall & Susan Ellis.