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Hacker Garten
Convenor: Andres Almiray
  • John Kostaras
  • here
  • ...

Hacker Garden: people just come together and hack code in every programming language they want (e.g. Groovy). Output is contributed to the community. 10-40 are usually gathered together, they 're either split into teams or work all together to specific projects.

Example Hacker Garden projects:

  • GRIFFON → 4 plugins (1 was ANNOUNCE)
  • GRAILS → fixed bugs
  • Screencasts
  • MAGNOLIA CMS → plugin
  • Groovy → @log

Visit [http://hackergarten.net].

Proposed topics for this conference:

  • JPatterns
  • NetBeans Erlang plugin (need to check Oracle license)
  • Coffescript4J

Do participate, it's free!

Visit [http://hackergarten.net] for next event.

See also: Hacker Garden 2 and Hacker Garden 3.