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A model by an Indian citizen

Global Citizen

This image is a collage of 30 animals collectively giving the human face impression which I love to call Global Citizen. The green colour among the tri-colour of the National Flag of India symbolizes human link with the world of flora and fauna. Life of human kind and earth depends on it. The concept of Global Citizen is best represented by the collage-image.

360degree resourcefulness is a concept I developed when I started blogging to communicate what inspired me as an insight while I was preparing my thesis for Ph.D degree in Sanskrit. SRD, which means spiritual resources development, is a new priority area I have discerned in my said thesis. This again is the concept up gradation of HRD, human resources development which emerged during my experiential learning(Vidya) and performance research(upasana) in the field of traditional discipline called Tantra. This term in Sanskrit means expansion of consciousness and protection of that accomplishment.

Human consciousness alone is capable of embracing the global expanse through inheriting the values and meanings which enable one to be human globally. Those cultures which have these values and meanings which are transferred through intergenerational means have stood the test of time and are still living. However, the modern family disconnect syndrome has hit hard on these means. Live at a distance and stay connected is the irony of relationships in the present days. There seems to be a way out and that can be accomplished by WikiEducator.