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Establishing an effective model of collaboration between parties is critical to the success of this Initiative. Some of the essential elements include:

  1. Design and planning (Steering Committee and facilitation team in consultation with support institutions and partners)
  2. Information and publicity (research and facilitation team)
  3. Logistical support (including administrative support, provision of collaboration platform and other information/ communications services)
  4. Creation and maintenance of discussion forums
  5. Funding (directed by an advisory panel plus host institution support)
  6. Submission/collection of source materials (from contributing individuals and institutions)
  7. Maintenance of a library of electronic materials
  8. Assessment of the quality of submissions (expert panels)
  9. Drafting of agreed Guidelines articulating principles of good governance (expert panels)
  10. Preparation of commentaries and other curriculum materials tailored to target groups (Research Assistants)
  11. Curriculum Documentation providing for agreed teaching courses
  12. Design of instructional material employing appropriate media (Partners, consultancies)
  13. Dissemination planning (probably involving a somewhat differently constituted steering group)
  14. Dissemination services (Partner institutions)
  15. Testing and certification (an option to be considered at a later stage)
  16. Quality assurance and ongoing revision of materials (expert panels)
  17. Monitoring and evaluation of Initiative (Steering Committee, Partners, consultancy)
  18. Overall governance (Coordinator reporting and answerable to a Board of Directors/Trustees who may or may not overlap with some of the other groups described). Steering Committee members, while they may be associated with partner organisations, are appointed and act in their personal capacity based on their own expertise and are expected to provide advice, guidance and approvals for the various initiatives.

Inception Phase Outputs

  1. Identification of core team (coordination, facilitation and research), Steering Committee, Advisory Board, Expert Panels and Partners
  2. Development of an overview of governance subjects and their relationships
  3. Identification of priority subjects and users to initiate a pilot project in Malawi
  4. Memoranda of Understanding for Partners incorporating protocols establishing relationships and rules of engagement
  5. Work programmes developed
  6. Monitoring & Evaluation plan developed
  7. Initial Governance Guidelines and Commentaries
  8. Initial learning materials developed based on Governance Guidelines and Commentaries

Logistical, Educational and Project Management Support Systems

  1. An on-line Wiki-Educator platform to support teaching, research and collaboration.
  2. Monitoring and evaluation systems to measure the impact of the Initiative and to introduce refinements based on feedback received.
  3. Regular progress and evaluation reports posted and available to Partners and users.

Inception Phase Inputs

  1. Facilitation and coordination
  2. Research
  3. Partner contributions
  4. Expert Panel assessments
  5. Information and communications technology

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