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Nzunda Memorial Lecture Series

in Honour of the late Hon. Dr Matembo Nzunda

Faculty of Law, University of Malawi

This lecture series is being established by the Law Faculty to honour one of Malawi's most respected jurists and members of Parliament who passed away in 2000 while serving in the Malawi Government. Having taught in the Law Faculty for many years, and with a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, he was a skilled negotiator, draftsman and orator who used his powerful intellect, sound judgment and disarming sense of humour to promote an appreciation and practical realisation of democratic principles in society. As one of the principal architects and champions of the Malawi Constitution, he was a guiding light in Parliament, in the Government Ministries he headed and in the University. To commemorate his contribution to his country and to the rule of law, the Law Faculty has resolved to establish a memorial lecture series in his honour.

An inaugural event consisting of principal lecturer and a panel of experts will provide a general overview of the subject and map out the way forward. The annual lectures are expected to cover a range of topics that are central to a balanced understanding of good governance such as inclusiveness, democratic participation and political legitimacy, forms of accountability and mechanisms such as transparency and access to information, effectiveness of service delivery, respect for the rule of law and the protection of human rights. It is part of a wider strategy to build and concentrate expertise in various aspects of good governance in the Faculty, which may in due course take the form of a graduate programme in governance.

The Governance Curriculum Initiative, with support from the Commonwealth of Learning, commissioned research to provide background materials for the development of a programme outline. This is currently being updated and revised. Credit and thanks also go to Molecaten Ltd of the Netherlands for supporting the Governance Curriculum Initiative and in particular for underwriting other start-up costs associated with the establishment of the annual lectures and visiting lectureship.

It is envisaged that the annual lectures will commence in 2012, linked to a proposed visiting lectureship that is presently under consideration.

Dates will be posted here.

Planning and Coordination: Mwiza Nkhata, Faculty of Law

Faculty Guidance and Direction: Dr Msayiŵale Chigaŵa (Dean), Dr Ngeyi Kanyong'olo and Dr Fidelis Edge Kanyongolo

Benefactors: Molacaten Ltd (Netherlands)

Acknowledgments for past contributions to conceptualisation and planning: Thokozani Ngwira, former Deputy Dean, Faculty of Law; Ms Sarai Chisala, Faculty of Law, Ms Sarah Rogers, BPP Law School, Pasipau Wadonda-Chirwa, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Ms Ngcime Mweso, Lecturer in Law; Mr Mike Hopkins and AVA Unit, Chancellor College (Photography and Recording).