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Web Resources

  • A good beginning read is Signposts, downloadable from the Ako Aotearoa website. This is a concise resource for those new to teaching in the New Zealand tertiary sector. It contains a number of practical ways that you can approach teaching. It is intended as a very basic introductory text and includes one-pagers on ten critical topics. Signposts was developed by several polytechnic staff developers in New Zealand.
  • As you read through the resource, highlight the parts that could be useful to you as a new teacher.
  • Goalposts is another resource developed by Ako Aotearoa that you can use, and follows on from Signposts. Ten of the key principles about how adults learn, for example, acknowledging prior knowledge and experience, plus some of the theories of adult learning are covered to assist you to expand your understanding and practice. Contributors are from the tertiary sector in New Zealand and overseas.
  • Use this resource as a reference to extend your knowledge as you work through the Units.