Foundation Skills/Ways of assessing student learning and providing meaningful feedback/Summary

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At the end of this topic you should have achieved the following outcomes You will have:
  • Distinguished between different types of evidence of student learning.
  • Expanded your array of assessment methods used in a practical learning environment.
  • Developed an understanding of assessment of prior learning.
  • Understood the difference between self-assessment and peer assessment.
  • Analysed own teaching/learning context and identified how self-assessment and peer assessment can be applied.
  • Reflected on ways of giving student feedback and identify a new way of giving feedback to your students.
  • Evaluated your own teaching and then will have explained and justified ways of 'reducing the assessment burden'.

For those participants enrolled in the Foundation Skills course through Otago Polytechnic, evidence of the last outcome would have been submitted using an appropriate Moodle discussion forum.

This has been quite an intense topic, but assessment is a really critical aspect of your job as a lecturer! Pat yourself on the back for getting this far!