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Today's adult educators recognize that it is no longer sufficient for teachers to teach and trainers to train. Rather than focus on information acquisition or behavior modification, they have expanded their efforts to emphasize the process of learning and its impact on adult development.

What this quotation tells us is that there has been a large shift in education from a focus on what is being taught by the teacher to a focus on the learner and what, why and how they are learning.

Reference: Taylor, K., Marienau, C., & Fiddler, M.(2000). Developing Adult Learners: Strategies for Teachers and Trainers. California: Jossey-Bass Inc. (Cover flap)

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What is learning and teaching?

  • Watch the video clip of a classroom situation
  • Look for two things you would change if you were to teach the class shown in the video, and think about why this is.
Describe an instance when, as an adult learner
  • you enjoyed learning. Can you think of reasons why this was the case?
  • what did the teacher or lecturer do that made this experience memorable for you?
  • What sort of educator do you want to be?
Take into account the quotation by Taylor et al.