Food and Beverage Management/Implementation Plan, Timeline and Stakeholders consultation

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Components/Steps Action Required Completion Date
Student evaluation done 21 November 08
Unit moderation, external docummentation is done, meeting and flights are booked 28 November 08
Confirm unit standard version and content check this with NZQA and HSI website 6 February 09
Consult with wider industry requirements contact restaurants and hotels in the area 20 February 09
Student learning style survay use on line learning style inventory 20 February 09
Develop course outline create template 20 February 09
Develop assessment and marking schedule linked with the outcomes 27 February 09
Develop power points and activities using Blackborad, moodle and blog 27 March 09
Develop readings pack and list, text and web review present, add and delete 27 March 09
Develop lesson plans face to face and elluminate 27 March 09
Develop evaluation system, both learners and industry form to be used 24 April 09
Training required for lecturer in new technology used check with IT 26 June 09
Implementation semester two 25 July 09 }