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Ethical Issues

Welcome to Unit 4: Ethical Issues. This unit will provide you with the necessary knowledge of ethical issues in relation to the management of files on your computer.

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On completion of this unit, you will be able to:
  • demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues, such as copyright, piracy, individual privacy and organisation confidentiality, in relation to the management of files on your computer.

Copyright protection
Ethics relates to the management of data about you and me held in computer systems. It relates to ensuring the privacy of the data held in a database eg your name and address not being given out to say - Readers Digest. It is about behaving responsibly with all the data held in your computer system.

It is also about ensuring copyright and preventing piracy, or, looking at it from the other point of view, it is about not abusing copyright and piracy.

Email ethics are becoming more and more important. Ethical behaviour covers not sending out, or receiving in, emails with questionable content especially from a company computer system; not using a company computer system to send and receive personal communications; and not putting a company computer system at risk by opening attachments that have not been scanned.

The NZ Computer Society produces guidelines for sound ethical behaviour within the computer industry. These guidelines are based upon the principles of:

  • interests of the community
  • respect for the individual
  • interests of the client

and supported by the values of:

  • competence
  • truth
  • social justice
  • ethical behaviour.

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Please note: the following tutorial will open in a new window/tab. When you have finished the tutorial, simply close the window/tab and you'll return to this page.
  • Complete this online tutorial on Copyright and fair use.