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Identifying facilitators

Facilitators will ideally be:

  • WikiEducators who have contributed to the growth and development of open content here in WikiEducator but are also active in other similar forums
  • WikiEducators who have joined the WikiNeighbourhood and are familiar with the responsibilities and ideals of the WikiNeighbourhood
  • Competent in the use of the wiki technology and the use of simple wiki syntax for editing
  • Good face to face and online communicator
  • Knowledgeable about or have an interest in online communities and community building strategies

Nominating Facilitators

Sometimes those who might make good facilitators may not have considered the role and it is often those they work with that can identify the traits of a good facilitator. If you know someone you think would make a good facilitator you want to consider nominating them.

Facilitator Capabilities

The following is an initial draft of capabilities of facilitators. The list below is not ordered in any priority. Facilitators should be able to:

  • observe learners and measure progress
  • target activities to achieve learning objectives
  • use computer technologies and problem solve basic technical issues which may occur during training
  • communicate and reflect ideas generated by learners
  • flexibly guide learners through content
  • set learning priorities
  • participate in or contribute to the set up process by working with the local coordinator (and team) to determine what the groups needs might be
  • plan contingencies

For further information about facilitation