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Generally the structure of a workshop will depend on how much time you will have with the participants. This toolkit has considered three types of workshops:

  1. A Half day workshop(morning 2 notional hours)introducing wiki as a collaborative content development tool for learning
  2. A 1-day workshop(4 notional learning hours including breaks) introducing Wiki skills;
  3. A 3-day workshop (24 notional learning hours including breaks), where educators acquire skills working on actual content.
  4. A 5-day workshop with emphasis on transferring skills for not only content publishing in wikieducator but on content development too

A workshop agenda should generally have an overview of the workshop concept, objective, general content and expected outcomes/results of the workshop.

Half day Workshop

An introduction to the use of wiki as a collaborative content development tool for learning. This session highlights the growth and impact of wiki in creating an environment where content evolves through the efforts and contributions of a larger community of teachers, practitioners, researchers, learners and experts whose shared goal is to make the information accessible to all. Participants will get the opportunity to become part of that community by using basic wiki tools and creating their own user profile on WikiEducator and adding geographical information about the country, city, town or village they come from.

The objectives for this session are:

  1. To describe the impact Web 2.0 technologies like wiki have on extending educational opportunities to all.
  2. To explain what attracts people to become part of a wiki community and what benefits this has to the participants own community
  3. To demonstrate the use of basic WikiEducator skills
  4. To contribute to the wiki by adding content to the wiki that is familiar for them

Download a copy of the Agenda for this workshop here draft agenda for Half day OER Workshop

1-day Workshop

A 1-day workshop will be suitable for policy advocates and people who would like to have an overall understanding of wikieducator and the respective wiki technologies. The objectives of a typical 1-day workshop will be:

  1. To explain the benefits of wikieducator and web 2.0 technologies
  2. To address the participants fears of loss of intellectual property rights and ownership upon publishing of content on the web in a "open" manner. You will be required to explain the concept of security through community building, and compare various license schemes that the participants may consider
  3. Introduce the participants to the key features of wikieducator and how they can use these features in their work.

A one day workshop will give participants a feel for wikis by showing them how to create accounts, perform basic text editing, and how to collaborate on content development

You can download a draft agenda for a one day training session here

A 3-day Workshop

A 3 day workshop will give practical hands-on skills that are essential to content developers and may not necessarily be relevant to high level policy managers. Participants will gain specific skills in using wikieducator and other wiki technologies to publish their content. This section will be more detailed and will focus on gaining skills. The objectives of this workshop are:

  1. Carry out a capacity building initiative and ensure that participants have the necessary skills to produce content;
  2. Host content developed within the wikieducator site (WikiEducator)
  3. Establish Expertise groups who can work on content together even upon completion of the workshop
  4. Encourage participants to publish their content in wikieducator

The course will generally be structured as follows:

Day 1:

  • Introduction to wiki technologies, their advantages and disadvantages;
  • How to register and create an account in the website;
  • How to edit and format text within a wiki;
  • How to create internal links; and
  • Uploading images in media Wiki

Day 2: You will be required to introduce the participants to the following:

  • How to communicate on the wiki and to use the discussions and talk features on WikiEducator;
  • How to manage collaborative editing with the ability to revert back to earlier edited wiki version and inherent WikiEducator features that prevail against content vandalism; and
  • Creation of External links within WikiEducator

Day 3

  • Upon completion of the above lessons the participants should embark on the process of converting actual educational content and making it available on wiki format within WikiEducator. This requires participants to come with a copy of their own content in soft copy. Preferably this should be sent to the facilitator via email. The facilitator will then put this content on a network shared drive within the lab that can be accessed by all participants. On the last day they will be able to test all their skills in the prior sessions.

You can download a draft 3-Day workshop agenda here