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This is a planning space for the miniconference event: Managing Multimembership in Social Networks.

Planning history

1. Sylvia Currie, Bronwyn Stuckey, Jeffrey Keefer, and Sue Wolff circulated two or three emails to work out a potential topic.

2. Sylvia reserves space in SCoPE and announces intent in Facilitator wiki for potential mini conference.

3. Sylvia circulates a Doodle to coordinate a meeting time.

4. Team met in FOC08 Eluminate room to discuss and settle on managing multimembership, drafting this preliminary timeline from our saved whiteboards:

Date Description Who is Responsible
Sept 26 Compose and post revised description in SCoPE and FOC08 miniconference Sylvia
Sept 26-Oct 13 Brainstorm and add to list of places to announce and link where VoiceThreads could go Sue
Sept 29 ?Compose a short baseline survey to determine memberships and self-ranking on overwhelm scale Sue
Sept 30 Show survey to team, revise or discard Sue
Sept 30 Plan when to post survey as part of marketing Sue/Jeffrey
Oct 13 Begin guerilla social marketing Jeffrey
By Oct 13 Start a thread in FOC08 – timing decided by Jeffrey Jeffrey
Oct 22 Create VoiceThread Bron
Oct 22 Create Wiki on SCoPE Sylvia
Oct 24 Send out MicroSCoPE newsletter Sylvia
By Oct 26 Be sure we’re all subscribed to SCoPE seminar Sue
Oct 25 ish Skype to discuss end-product, and progress All 4
Oct 20 Begin checking SCoPE postings daily, also monitor FOC08 gmail list Sue
Ongoing Monitor blogs for multimembership conversation and collect notes/links in a folder on SCoPE wiki page All? extra
Oct 26-29 Collect stories and post on SCoPE wiki as VoiceThreads come in. Bron
Oct 26 Organize Wiki categories Bron
Oct 26 Leave VoiceThread message All 4
Oct 26/27 (Eve or morning ) Postwelcome message in SCoPE Sue
Oct 27-30 Monitor and write in SCoPE threads, tapping a few people in the FOC08 group to go look and respond Sue
Nov 3 Post welcome to week 2 message in SCoPE Sue
Nov 8 Make a new post conf survey and show to the 4 of us Sue
Nov 9/10 Post summary message in SCoPE, followed by final thank you post, and link to post conference survey Sue, then Sylvia
Nov 10? Eluminate? Data party to review and orient “findings” for product, schedule theming and write up Bron, All 4?
Nov 9 Final tidying of wiki Bron

5. Time line is distributed to team in email and some problems are noted, a second meeting requested.

6. Sue sends another Doodle to arrange 2nd brief planning meeting time.

7. Jeffrey requested clarification as to the time zones for the times listed on the Doodle meeting.

8. Sue, Jeffrey, and Sylvia met in the 24/7 room to review the time line (job jar), brainstorm guiding questions for the survey and seminar discussion, and set a schedule for upcoming meetings. The text chat and whiteboard were saved for reference.

8. Sylvia, Sue, and Jeffrey discussed having a survey to elicit feedback and engage in "guerilla social network" marketing (also known as spreading the word) about the session. Sue posted questions in our multimembership planning wiki so we can all edit. She posted 5 questions about multimembership in survey monkey as a place to start.

9. Sylvia, Sue, and Jeffrey decided we should try to meet weekly (as many of us as possible) to discuss and formulate preparing for this session. Jeffrey created a Doodle poll to track potential dates and times.

10. We refined the session description/title in SCoPE, then Jeffrey copied the information to the mini-conference wiki.

11. We agreed to document our progress in the wiki. That way we can keep our planning in common view, plus have something to refer back to should we decide to write about our experiences.

12. Sue designed the initial survey questions. They were reviewed by all, feedback given by email, then fine-tuned in during an Elluminate meeting. We will meet one more time to review questions.

13. We met for another planning session and updated the survey questions, format, and introduction. We did not update this wiki page until the following meeting. We are beginning to become even more aware of getting overwhelmed with how large a topic this is (or at least Jeffrey is feeling this way).

14. Jeffrey was then going to begin guerrilla social networking to advertise the #multimembership session.

15. Jeffrey posted a blog post on his own blog to summarize and advertise (market) our session. Jeffrey then sent out email announcements to several related distribution lists. These included the Yahoo Groups: Training-Ideas, com-prac, webcommunities, and onlinefacilitation. He also sent it to the Google Groups: WikiEducator, Facilitating Online Communities, and Connectivism and Connective Knowledge groups. Jeffrey is also posting to the CPSqare.org blog, a community of practice on communities of practice. Sylvia posted the event to calendars in the British Columbia EdTech Users Community, the Elearning and Marketplace Community, and SCoPE. She will be sending out a MicroSCoPE newletter to all community members (approx 2400), and is also sending out shorter tweets using both her personal and the SCoPE twitter account, prompting for participation in the survey and suggesting people mark their calendars. Bron is notifying members of her various networks about the event.

16. For an initial question for the VoiceThread, we discussed using the question "Think of a situation where you felt on top of your multimembership and how did you manage that?"

17. On October 26,2008 we had a "pre launch" meeting to check that we were ready to roll. We talked about

  • getting more voice thread examples in so that we have some stories to share
  • whether a juicy statistic from the survey might kick off a discussion
  • a list of questions mulling in our brains that could be used as discussion starters
  • whether we should meet mid week after the event has a few days running

18. Throughout, but especially during the first few days of the event we exchanged email to question and fine-tune roles. We noted "co-facilitation" can be difficult to manage. It's important to be clear on roles and expectations. Also, there is a blurring of facilitator and participant roles. We all wish to engage but are aware that there may be too much of us.


How could the event have been facilitated better?