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2010 Mini-Conference

Please enter a proposed event, dates and times below (between 1st - 12th November). Here is a video that will show you how to add your details to this page.
1. If you haven't done so already, please start a thread in the discussion area for your proposal. In this discussion you can plan your event, ask for help and advice you, and get feedback from other participants about your ideas.
2. All times in New Zealand time please (NZ time is UTC +13 hours). International time zones can be calculated using this web site: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock.
3. Use an online scheduling tool such as Doodle. Try not to flood the email group with too many emails as you schedule your event.
4. Make sure your event does not clash with someone else's event. If there is a time clash, the person who has all their event details here first has priority.
5. Please confirm the date/time with the course facilitator before you advertise your event. The course facilitator will attend every event organised by a formally enrolled student, and give that student feedback. However, Sarah may not be able to attend all the events facilitated by informal students.
6. Please feel free to check out how the events from previous years were organised and facilitated.
7. Please use this format below to advertise your event.
Title of the Event:
Date and Time:
Facilitator (with contact details):
Back Up Plan:
Recording Information:

Jillian and Malcolm's Event

Title of the event: Driving Change: Introducing a virtual education and training portal into a large government organisation - the opportunities and challenges.
Date and Time: Monday, 1st November, 2010, 11 – 12md Brisbane, Australia (World clock) 
Facilitator: Jillian Clarke: Email  Skype: jillian.clarke1 & Malcolm Lewis: Email  Skype: malcolm.lewis2008

Presenter: Kayleen Gordon has over 26 years in education, a Masters in Education specialising in e-learning and is the Assistant Director of Nursing for the new QLD Health Education and Training portal - ClinEdQ. She has first hand experience about the challenges faced by organisations and individuals as they try and engage people with online learning / networking.

Venue Elluminate meeting room. Here is information about how to access the virtual meeting room.
Description: Do you want to gain an understanding about the opportunities and challenges that impact on participants uptake and engagement in a new education and training e-platform. Are you trying to encourage people to use your platform / tools etc. - join us here
Back Up Plan: If there is a total IT failure, we will record another presenter session on Elluminate and open an asynchronous discussion over the next week in Jillian's blog
Recording Information: Will be recorded and available on Jillian's blog

Evaluation: It would be appreciated if participants could answer a few simple questions to provide the faciliatators with some constructive feedback. Please go to Jillian's blog to answer the questions and leave comments

Recording Information: Click here Elluminate Live Recording

Sebastian Panakal's "Waste to Wealth Wiki"

Title of the Event: SEE: Students, Education and Ecology 
Date and Time: 03 Nov 2010, NZ Time: 07:30 Hours. Convert to your time.

Facilitator (with contact details): Sebastian Panakal Email Skype ID: sebastianpanakal
Presenter: Darsana Joseph 

Darsana Joseph is a Wiki Ambassador. She is keen on helping her schoolmates use Wikis for personal growth. She has designed an exemplary project worth emulating by other schools and colleges in India. She is ably supported by Regitha Baiju, Head of Department, Department of Computer Science, Sacred Heart College, Kochi. Regitha brings in college students to team up with Darsana's school.
Venue: Wiziq 
Description: Zero to Hero 
Back Up Plan: Skype 
Recording Information: Will be available at Wiziq after the event  

Karen's Event

Title of the Event: Building a Successful Blog
Date and Time: Monday 8th November at 7.30pm NZ time
Facilitator (with contact details): Karen Wilson blog: karenwilsononline@wordpress.com
email: karen.wilson@op.ac.nz
Presenter: Dr Marcus Wilson
Venue: Here is the link for the meeting room in Elluminate. Here is information about how to access the virtual meeting room.
Description: Marcus keeps two blogs that have a wide audience. He will come and share his knowledge and experience about blogging. Questions and points that we will address/ discuss in the session will include: How can you make your blog attractive and engaging? How can you attract people to your blog?

How do you address and connect with an audience that you don't have a full handle on?

What are some of the key 'rules' that you can follow to make a blog successful?

I want to mke this as relevant as possible to the people attending, therefore I would ask that you put suggestions as to what you would find useful to be included in the session either on the Wiki discussion page or my blog.

Back Up Plan: Skype
Recording Information:

Which lollies in this on-line facilitation lolly jar

Date and Time: 9th November at 4pm NZ time World Clock 
Facilitator (with contact details): Jane Scripps http://5tomorrows.blogspot.com/ email:jane.scripps@gmail.com; http://twitter.com/acethat; skype: janebscripps
Guest: Vasi Doncheva Flexible Learning Manager, NorthTec in Northland New Zealand
Venue: Elluminate http://tiny.cc/cncb9
Description: a discussion with special guest Vasi Doncheva, flexible learning manager from NorthTec looking at 2 of her favourite tools; Delicious and Twitter also her recently started Twitter newspaper, and then the groups preferences, why that is and why those not chosen are in that bracket.
Back Up Plan: Alternative date to be advised.
Recording Information: Available from Elluminate after the event

Peter Brook's Event "Sustainability in the e-World"

Title of the Event: Driving change into an on line society via sustainable practices
Date and Time: Wednesday 10 November, 1pm NZ time
Facilitator Peter Brook: peter.brook@op.ac.nz
Presenter: Nicola Bould. Nicola is the sustainability coordinator for Otago Polytechnic which has made a strong commitment in this area. She has researched many aspects of a sustainable society and her talk will focus on e-waste, exemplars and collaborative strategies.
Venue:  :  Elluminate meeting room. Here is information about how to access the virtual meeting room
Description: While social networking and collaborative tools have changed they way we communicate there still remains the unsatisfied question of how we can sustain this in a world of more difficult compliance and decreasing resources.
Back Up Plan:If there is a total IT failure, we will record another presenter session on Elluminate and open an asynchronous discussion over the next week in Peter's Blog
Recording Information: Will be recorded and available on Peter's blog
Evaluation : It would be appreciated if participants could answer a few simple questions to provide the faciliatators with some constructive feedback. Please go to Peter's blog to answer the questions and leave comments

Sharon's Event

Title of the Event: Cultural Competency in the online environment
Date and Time: Thursday 11th November 2010 at 2pm NZ time, World Clock http://tinyurl.com/28vr93l
Facilitator (with contact details): Sharon Schindler (sharon.schindler@op.ac.nz) or Skype sharon_schindler
Presenter: Kate Timms-Dean
Venue: The presentation will be held using the web conferencing tool/virtual classroom in Elluminate.  Copy and paste this link to access the Elluminate Meeting Room: http://tinyurl.com/2u7h9pe.  For instructions on how to access Elluminate copy and paste this link into your web browser: http://tinyurl.com/2f5tfw3
Description: Kate is a senior lecturer in the Treaty Education and Training Unit within the Educational Development Centre of Otago Polytechnic and will join the mini-conference in Elluminate to present and discuss issues around cultural competency in the online environment.
Back Up Plan:
If there is a failure within the Elluminate room, the mini-conference will move to a Skype conference call.  All attendees will need to set up a Skype account - Skype is a free service and the following link shows you how to download it: http://facilitatingonlinecommunities.blogspot.com/2010/06/how-to-download-skype-and-set-up.html
Recording Information: The session will be recorded and will be available on my blog after the event.



Date and Time:  4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Nov 11, 2010 in New Zealand. (See World Clock for time and date in your country. We are a day earlier in North America so, for example, this class will be on Nov. 10 at 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time)

Facilitator (with contact details):  Gloria Lemay   Skype: genevieve1029   birth@uniserve.com   birthsage on Twitter


Venue:  WizIQ classroom, open to the public up to 500 participants (http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/403089-creating-an-online-presence).  You will have to set up an account as a student at WizIQ (easy and free) to enter the class link.  You will need a headset and microphone to interact with the instructor.

Description:   What's the most effective way to get your brilliant ideas out into the world? This Powerpoint class by Laureen Hudson, of California, U.S.A., will open up new ways of reaching your target audience. Laureen Hudson has worked as the technical editor and online community advocate for java.sun.com and developers.sun.com at Sun Microsystems. She served the International Cesarean Awareness Network as Publications Director, editing Cesarean Voices, publishing the ICAN eNews, co-managing the relaunch of the website, and being the primary cheering section for the Clarion). She’s a blogger, a website manager, and an enthusiastic geek enabler. Laureen has spoken before capacity crowds at engineering conferences, gatherings, and hackfests on the topics of new media, communications, and publication models. She’s also a popular conference speaker. Laureen’s Blog  http://theexcellentadventure.com/elementalmom/ This is a great opportunity to get coaching from one of the best in the business.

Back Up Plan:   Elluminate Classroom [1]

Recording Information:  will be recorded and available to participants only.  This class is open to everyone but please let me know if you are planning to attend. Gloria Lemay  birth@uniserve.com

Pulling It All Together: Wrapping it Up and Reflecting on FO2010 with Karen, Mark and Tracy

Title of Event:        Pulling It All Together: Wrapping it Up and Reflecting on FO2010 with Karen, Mark and Tracy
Date and Time:      November 12, 2010, 11.00am NZ time World Clock
Facilitators:            Karen Humber Email,blog or Skype:karen_h09, Mark Spain BlogEmail Skype: markwspain , Tracy PembertonEmail   Blog Skype: mamapem
Presenters:            Participatory: You + Us = We
Venue:                   Skype (http://www.skype.com) and iMEET! (http://imeet.com.au)
Description:            See full description on here
Back Up Plan:        Skype text, Elluminate meeting room
Recording Information: iMEET!
Participants:        Add your name, email and skype address here:

  1. Karen Humber Email,blog or Skype:karen_h09
  2. Mark Spain Blog Email Skype: markwspain
  3. Tracy Pemberton EmailBlog Skype: mamapem
  4. Sarah Stewart Skype: sarah.m.stewart
  5. Kim McLean email, Skype:kimmy_mc
  6. Katherine Gilliver-Brown email Katherine, Skype:kgilliver_brown
  7. Chris Woodhouse, email "cw AT cwoodhouse DOT com" (this format for spam avoidance) , Blog, Skype: cjwmonyash
  8. Malcolm Lewis Malcolm Lewis: parkslewis@gmail.com  Blog Skype: malcolm.lewis2008
  9. Sharon Schindler, sharon.schindler@op.ac.nz, Skype: sharon_schindler
  10. Jane Scripps: email jane.scripps@gmail.com, skype: janebscripps blog: http://5tomorrows.blogspot.com/
  11. Sebastian Panakal: Email, Skype: sebastianpanakal, Blog
  12. Gloria Lemay: email birth@uniserve.com Skype: gloria.lemay Blog: http://www.glorialemay.com/blog

Jades Event

Title of the Event:        Engaging Students Online
Date and Time:           Friday November 12th 1200hrs
Facilitator (with contact details):  Jade Wratten email jadewratten@op.ac.nz
Fiona Coffey
Elluminate.  Link http://elluminate.tekotago.ac.nz:80/join_meeting.html?meetingId=1260255989087
Description:                 Engaging students within synchronous web sessions
Back Up Plan:            
Recording Information: Elluminate session to be recorded

Kim Mc's Sharing thoughts out loud on Voicethread

Title of the Event: Sharing thoughts out loud on Voicethread
Date and Time: Asynchronous

Facilitator (with contact details): Kim McLean blog email

Presenters: Students of FO2010 and anyone who would like to participate
Venue: Voicethread
Description: This event is an opportunity for FO2010 participants (and anyone who would like to participate) to use Voicethread to record their thoughts about 'The highs and lows of online learnig' and/or 'How can YOU use Voicethread?'.

Participants will require a mic to record an audio comment on Voicethread or they can type comments. Simply click on these links to share your thoughts on ...

The highs and lows of online learning

'How can YOU use Voicethread?
[Additional information: You can find more about Voicethread at www.voicethread.com Maybe you want to reach out to your audience by creating a Voicethread to promote your upcoming Mini-conference event, try this... How to create a voicethread (this is a screencast created by Kim McLean)]

Back Up Plan: Google documents
Recording Information: 'The highs and lows of online learning' and 'How can YOU use Voicethread?'

Coach Carole's EpCoP Voicethread

Title of the Event: Eportfolio Community of Practice Voices
Date and Time: Open now as a continuous event
Facilitator (with contact details): Carole McCulloch and the EpCoP http://epcop.net.au
Presenter: Eportfolio practitioners
Venue: http://voicethread.com/?#u660455.b1410942.i7474867
Description: Voiced opinions and advice on the purpose, process, product and implementation of eportfolios
Back Up Plan: SlideCast
Recording Information: VT is recorded and updated with each contribution
Availability: November 1 to November 14
Instructions: you'll find instructions for contributing in the opening slide

Lyn Blair Elluminate meeting

Title of the Event:Effective Uses of Facebook
Date and Time:Thursday 18 November at 4pm
Facilitator (with contact details)
:Lyn Blair, http://lynb.wordpress.com/ email:lynb@op.ac.nz, skype lynblair2
Presenter:Herve Carpentier from Manukau Institute of Technology and Ross Buchan from Otago Polytechnic
Venue:Elluminate meeting room: http://tinyurl.com/2u7h9pe
Description: A discussion about the effective use of Facebook in a business and educational setting. A brief talk about the way the two guests use Facebook, followed by a discussion by all participants
Back Up Plan:Skype conference
Recording Information: Recorded and available on my blog http://lynb.wordpress.com/

Previous mini-conferences

Here is the link to the Facilitating Online 2010 Mini Conference

Here is the link to the Facilitating Online 2009 Mini Conference

Here is the link to the Facilitating Online 2008 Mini Conference.

Katherine's late event

Title of the Event: Managing student participation and expectations
Date and Time: 12 days, from Saturday 15th til Wednesday 26th January 2011
Facilitator (with contact details): Katherine Gilliver-Brown. Skype: kgilliver_brown Email: Katherine
Presenter: Dr. E. Marcia Johnson
Venue: Katherine's Blog
Description: In the main page of the blog is a little voice pod recording of an interview I conducted with Dr. Johnson on issues associated with managing student expectations and participation in an online course. The recording is there to stimulate reflection on some of the nitty gritty of facilitating, especially when students are not as responsive as we wish they were. As with any blogging tool, there is a link to a comment box and participants in the course or anywhere in the world are welcome to participate with a comment, providing the opportunity for interaction on this issue.
Back Up Plan: If contributors for some reason are not able to post a comment I would invite them to skype me or email, and I will look into why they don't have access, and either address that problem or post on their behalf.
Recording Information: Being an asynchronous event a record of event will remain indefinitely on the blog site.