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Why use FOSS?

FOSS - Ubuntu
  • It allows freedom to do what you want with it
  • Flexible for all computing situations - brand new or retired computers
  • It is Free
  • Reliable and stable
  • Audit-ability - being able to read the source code you know what you are getting
  • Supported by professional and volunteer networks
  • Builds digital independence

Icon objectives.jpg
  • To:
  1. Document what the impact FOSSi has on the communities and people involved
  2. Create a liaison organisation to distribute computers - trust/NGO
  3. Inform suppliers and recipients of this initiative
  4. Create installation instructions - self help for non Internet communities
  5. Create links to FOSS distributions etc
  6. Establishing parameters for disposal, shipping and costs
  7. Assist industry and institutions to dispose of working retired computers
  8. Establish envirethical disposal guidelines

Computer set up

Edubuntu logo.svg