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  • To reduce eWaste
  • To give remote communities access to computers


  • Shortage of computers in the remotest classrooms homes and nations is creating
    • A digital divide
    • While some industries and institutions struggle to deal with their eWaste
  • Sugata Mitra's - hole in the wall experiment
    • Showed the greatest impact on society with the deployment of computers,
      • happened in the remotest communities,
        • and children learned about this technology best,
          • in groups!
FOSSi - an opportunity to bridge the digital divide 
FOSSi - supporting communities to become digitally independent

Computer Disposal

Present system

  • Hard drives are required to be erased
    • Computers become difficult to give away or sold with an erased hard drive
      • Proprietary software licensing agreements further restrict disposal

Future system

  • Hard drives are required to be erased
    • Computers become easy to install FOSS
      • FOSS licensing has no restrictions on disposal

Sustainable Recycling

  • Industry and institutions donating their retired working computers
    • The better the computer quality,
      • the most suitable for the remotest communities
  • A partnership with remote schools, community groups and nations
  • Mutually Beneficial
  • Remote communities gain access to computers
    • Increased learning opportunities for all parties


Future Funding
  • Initially requiring voluntary assistance of GNU/Linux Users Groups (GLUGs)???
    • or independents that take surplus computers and redistribute freely or at basic cost
      • or industry or institutions baring the cost of a technician to wipe and install FOSS
        • or from council or government
Closed loop 
  • Create open systems that track computers from source to disposal
    • Recycle donated computers back from remote communities
      • Details here - to be negotiated??


  • The middle people

Future goal:

Using WikiEducator 
  • Document FOSSI - PNG
  • Record technical details
  • Feedback from PNG - digital camera/spare memory stick?
  • Recycling of the computers we are sending?
  • Speakers
  • Computer peripherals - skype, camera, etc
  • What programmes etc need to be installed?
  • No Internet?
  • Whether to install video codecs onto all the computers?
  • Culturally appropriate
  • Connecting via phone, email etc
"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better. It's not."
Dr. Seuss (The Lorax) 
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