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Sessions As is  Open source version
Session 1

Introduction to the
program and its objectives
o ITN Site for collaboration,
showcase and sharing, learn hub, and
other teaching oriented portals
• Know your PC
o Hardware and Software
o Different parts of a Computer
• Operating Systems
o Windows
o Alternate OS/Software, open
source etc.
o Open Source/alternate Software
• Choose the Hardware and
Software efficiently

Computer essentials:

- Hardware (Input/ Output Devices, CPU)

- Software (operating Systems)

Session 2

MS Paint o Features of Paint, tool box,
color box, Using Pencil, Brush,
Spray Brush

o Selection and free form
selection, Copy-Paste/Cut-Paste

• Practical Exercise

1. Open Office Draw

- Using Pencil, Brush, Line etc.


- Picture transformation, rotation, and changing attributes and formats.

Session 3

MS PowerPoint Creating a simple

presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint

o Starting PowerPoint

o User Interface

o Create, navigate and save a presentation

o Layout and design templates

o Tables and Views

• Practical Exercise

1. open office-Impress

- Choosing templates.

- Layout designing

- Visual effects

2. Beamer
Session 4

• MS PowerPoint (contd.) Working with slides in


o Formatting text

o Move, Delete, Hide slides

o Changing order of slides


- Browsers (Firefox, Chrome)

- IM Chat (Pidgin, Empathy, Skype)

- Email (Thunderbird, Evolution)

Session 5

Open Source e-Tools

(these are NOT open Source

– they are only freely downloadable!!)
o UnFreeze : Gif Animation creator

to enhance Power Point presentation and web pages

o Hot Potatoes: Interactive crosswords and Quizzes

• Practical Exercise

Sound and Video

- VLC Media Player

- SM Player, Amrok

Session 6

• Working with windows o Viewing Contents of Your


o My Documents, My Recent Documents, My Pictures, My Music

o My Computer, My Network Places, Control Panel

• Organizing Data in Microsoft Windows

o Creating Files, Renaming Files and Folders

o Copying, Deleting and Moving Files and Folders

o File naming conventions and file properties

o Compare with what names have been given to the already created files

o Searching for Files and Folders

• Practical Exercise

1. Desktop Environment

- Panels

- Home and File System

- Mounting Drives

- Copying, Deleting, Renaming Files

- Search Files

Session 7

• Introduction to the


o What is the Internet?

o The Internet as a Medium

o The Internet as a Market Place – safe transactions, phishing etc.

o The Internet as a Transaction Platform

o The Internet as a Source of Information

• Working with Microsoft Internet Explorer

o Exploring the Web with Internet Explorer

o Internet Explorer Features

o The Internet Explorer Toolbar

o Adding a Web Site to Your Favorites List

• Practical Exercise

Open Office Writer

- Creating new document

- Editing

- Print set ups

- Inserting Pictures, graphics etc.

- Editing HTML

- File formats

- Working with tables

Session 8

• MS-Word o What Is a Word Processor,

Starting Word, The Word Interface

o DTP and Word Processing, Alternate word processors

o Creating a New Document, editing a document, Previewing a Document, Printing a Document

o Inserting images/WordArt/Textbox/shapes

o Equation Editor/Microsoft Equation

• Practical Exercise

Open Office Writer

- Editing HTML

- File formats

- Working with tables

- Exporting to PDF

Session 9

• MS-Word (contd.) o Creating Tables in Microsoft


o Properties of a Document

o Managing a Document – TOC, Outline, Glossary, Bookmarks, Hyperlink

o Using Templates, Saving a document as a Template

• Practical Exercise

Open Office Calc

- Formulae

- Sorting

Session 10

• MS- Excel o Spreadsheet Terms

o The Excel Interface

o Formulas and functions, Working with Data in Microsoft Excel

o Data exchange between different applications

o Excel to Word and PowerPoint, Paint to Word and PowerPoint

• Practical Exercise

Package Mangement

- Update Manager

- Synaptic Package Manger

Session 11

• Communicating with E-Mail o Characteristics of Internet

E-Mail Messages

o Introduction to Hotmail

o Sending and receiving emails

o Managing your mails including junk mail managing

o Online teaching-learning Communities – IEN Portal, Learn hub etc.

• Query handling on any module covered

Open Source and FOSS

- Wikipedia

- Wikieducator

- Librivox

- Creative Commons

Session 12*

• Session by Institute of

Lifelong Learning

o About ILLL : Initiatives,

Achievements and the Road Ahead

o Content development at ILLL: An overview

Feedback for the Workshop

* The session 12 will be conducted by Resource person

from ILLL

NOTE that All Practical Exercises should be pertaining to the disciplines of Participants