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Learning Activities

  • Accumulate facts to counter FUD spread by proprietary software supporters.
  • Always be ready to demonstrate libre software.
    • Set up virtual machines on a laptop which can run a few contrasting distros (e.g. with different display managers, or oriented towards different user-bases such as science, education, ...) simultaneously.
      • Include relevant libre knowledge resources and some applications.
    • Present a demo to fellow students role playing as different types of audience.
      • If you will be using a data projector for the demo, test it first with your host GNU/Linux distro.
  • While surfing the web you notice a site which expresses values consistent with the free software movement but notice that its content and policies seem to contradict these values. For example, the site includes embedded videos which are not viewable with libre software and provides quick links to download a non-free plugin). Write a letter to the organisation pointing out the error of their ways and providing guidance on taking corrective action.
    • Where applicable, write a tutorial on how to support those values more comprehensively (e.g. media file conversion, where to host the files, how to embed them in a page seamlessly for both free and non-free software are users, etc.). Link to your HowTo/tutorial below:
  • Cross-pollinate: Advocacy of libre knowledge.
  • Write a code of conduct for your advocacy efforts (something like this but different).
  • Free software case studies mostly show no clear indication that use of free software is a matter of principle. Do you think this was not a factor or does it tell us something more about the context? Discuss.
  • Find sources from the past (e.g.) and discuss their relevance today.