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  • help build and promote the community;
  • you are part of a community of Ambassadors;
  • personal development;
  • looks good on your CV;
  • networking with other groups, countries, projects;
  • sets a standard of 'quality' as part of wider community and contributors;


  • time consuming for Ambassador;
  • conflicts of interest;
  • if community dies ... then you've wasted your time;
  • pressure to contribute;
  • requires a commitment from Ambassador (sustainability);
  • open to criticism, personal attacks;
  • have to have a computer/internet to be able to contribute;
  • may require 'support' from admininstrators, etc.

How should we recruit and support WikiAmbassadors?


  • from regional workshops;
  • from within WikiEducator itself, significant contributors;
  • promotional materials; (see: WikiEducator Brochure)
  • secondment


  • network the Ambassadors;
  • mentoring program; (like Wikiversity)
  • secondment;
  • recognition for contributions; (possibly as part of performance indicators)

Ideas for things WikiAmbassadors can do in your country

  • reporting on local or regional network/internet infrastructure(s);
  • reviewing quality of materials on WikiEducator;
  • ensuring that resources are appropriate, usable for countries;
  • develop action plans for acquiring local support;
  • hold workshops in the various countries to support the participants of this workshop.
  • keep everything as simple as possible to make it user friendly.

See also: Group 1