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  • Core group established
  • Commitment to replicating this learning environment back in our own communities
  • Ability to offer a workshop with this one as the template
  • Support of other ambassadors
  • ability to share the knowledge of the other ambassadors
  • access to free content
  • political support from New Zealand and endorsement from our own governments
  • empowerment through the support of COL and NZ goverment with the advantage that this is offered to the nations in order to support their ongoing development
  • Range of experience and network with each other to keep everyone at a highly motivated standard
  • encourage, build and motivate networks back in our own countries
  • common platform, working together as a network of pacific nations rather than individual island states
  • establish a shared purpose and strategy


  • potentially vague in purpose
  • limitations on resources available within each country, more work on an existing large workload

How should we recruit and support WikiAmbassadors?

  • conduct a wiki workshop with participants who are committed to continuing to extend the network OER Workshop resources
  • look to establish technical support to support this process
  • start within own institution to establish the communitty support within this environment
  • work at it on a practical small way to prove its advantages while looking at establishing the necessary policy to support the initiative

Ideas for things WikiAmbassadors can do in your country

  • having established a shared purpose develop a strategy for how to drive this forward
  • need to consider logistics of taking on additional workload and determine how to work this
  • determine back in our own countries what our focus will be
  • drive for greater support at a governmental level within each country
  • highlight the issues and wiki technology as a very real solution
  • prioritise resources
  • use existing communication networks to spread the information and widen access
  • how to set up cost effective strategies
  • investigate connectivity issues
  • consider content distribution technologies, radio, television, internet, external hard drive, USB, CD/DVD
  • using larger nations and COL to put pressure on bodies involved in one laptop project
  • work with other regional organisations coordinating to work together on development strategies

See also: Group 2