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Parliament Building, Wellington

Image courtesy of Paul Miller


Roles and Responsibilities (Assessment)


Evaluating the nature of organisations involved in the New Zealand Tourism Industry


1. Research three industry associations/agencies/organisations (one of which must be Department of Conservation (Public)) involved with the success of tourism in New Zealand, one fro the Private sector and one International.

2. Provide an analysis for each of the organisations, outlining the following if applicable:

  • their role
  • responsibility to customer
  • responsibility to government
  • size/location
  • their close associates
  • source of funding/support
  • organisational structure
  • their products and services

Due date: Bring to the review class on Wednesday 9th March for feedback.

  • Remember to reference all work

This must be added to Appendix B of your report

Supporting Resources

  • Look to links on Exploring Tourism information page