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Whale fluke

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Responsible tourism for the future


Kaikoura Whale Watch Casestudy


Tourism New Zealand is committed to "Integrating Maori culture and messages within the global marketing, trade and PR activity in a way that will demonstrate to visitors the diversity and availabilitiy of comtemporary Maori tourism experiences in New Zealand" as a key outcome for the industry.

As a country, Maori culture is New Zealand's most unique point of difference to international visitors,TNZ has a good record. But there are still challenges. One such challenge has been met by a small community on the eastern coast of the south island - Kaikoura.

In the early 1980's this former railway community was facing rising unemployment, loss of their young to larger areas and general downturn until local Ngāti Kuri came up with a business proposal which they took to their tribal authority, the Ngai Tahu Māori Trust Board.

View this experience and look at the company website (link below) then describe what and how Whale Watch Kaikoura is endeavouring to meet the the requirements of the outcome.

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