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Learning Objective (4) - The role of destination marketing


Marketing for Dunedin


1. Identify and list the 4P's of marketing; product, price, place and promotion for Dunedin (put into a matrix) now add the extra 3P's - Process, People, Physical Evidence and provide examples under each heading.

2. Positioning - how the product/destination fits into the market, what its image is, or could be, and who is likely to buy or experience it (key target markets). Is Dunedin a "market leader, challenger, or follower? What does it have the potential to be? Carry out a SWOT for the destination, while also considering what other regional competition the destination may be facing.

3. Promotion - report on how Tourism Dunedin markets Dunedin - provide examples of promotions. Compare and contrast Tourism Dunedin's website promotion with one other RTO's (include link) in New Zealand providing evidence of what has worked well and why.

  • (word count 1000 approx)

All work must be correctly referenced and emailed to your lecturer by Friday, June 13 at 3pm

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