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Diamond Princess at Auckland Viaduct

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Identify attractions, activities, amenities and accessibility while cruising


Destination - A cruise ship


New Zealand ports such as Auckland and Dunedin have built a tourism industry around the seasonal visits of cruise ships.

However for many tourists the destination of a holiday can be the cruise ship they are travelling on.

All destinations require adequate attractions, activities, amenities (facilities) and accessibility if they are to appeal to a broad group of potential tourists.

Describe the - attractions, activities amenities and accessibility which cruise ships provide to attract this wide group.

In groups research a cruise ship destination for one of the following groups of tourist;

An elderly couple with limited mobility, early 80's, the husband is in a wheel chair and the wife has a walking stick

A family of two parents (early 40's) and three children (ages ,2, 4 and 8 years old) who want the children to be supervised while the parents can relax

A couple in their mid 50's ( empty nesters) looking for an active holiday and to make friends

A young couple on their honeymoon ( mid 20's)

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