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Defining tourism (Assessment)


Identifying and refining definitions of the term tourism, tourist and destination


This task when completed and marked is to be placed in the appendix section of your report.

(Definition of appendix;A final, optional component is an appendix. Appendices allow you to include any additional information (survey results, tables, figures, previous report findings, relevant letters or memos, etc.) that you have not built into your report's main text.

 1. Find two definitions each, for the terms "tourist" and "traveller" - these should be sourced from a text/journal and the internet,. Please ensure these are referenced correctly.

2. Find at least two definitions of the term "tourism" - quote them (please remember to reference them) and explain them in your own words. Please ensure there is at least one text/journal and one internet source provided.

3. Find two definitions of the term hospitality and in your own words explain how it fits into the term "tourism". Please ensure there is at least one text/journal and one internet source provided.

4. In one paragraph describe the following and provide an example for each :

  • Generating Market
  • Host Destination
  • Tourism product
  • Visitor - domestic/international

5. Find two definitions of "destination" - from the internet and another from a text/journal - reference correctly

Your report must be correctly formatted. You can also refer to the links in the supporting resources below.

Line spacing; 1.5

Font; Arial

Font size; 12

Please bring to the review class on Wednesday 2nd March. This will be marked as your first draft with recommendations for any improvements, once the improvements have been made it can be added to appendix A of your report.

Supporting Resources