Evaluation of eLearning for Effective Practice Guidebook/Course schedule

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All the topics and an overview of the scheduled activities are shown on the Course timetablePDF down.png. More detail about each of the activities will be provided in the relevant sections of this website. Guidance will also be provided on the course blog each week.

Week by week

Weeks 14 & 15: 14 to 27 November 2011 - Evaluation reporting – Discussion.

Activity twelve:

  • Prepare a draft discussion about your evaluation results, report this to the class and invite feedback.
  • Collaborate to prepare a draft report with discussion of your findings (using literature) and recommendations – add to your project wiki.

Week 13: 7 to 13 November - Discuss examples of evaluation literature that can be used in your report.

Activity eleven:

  • Search for and select suitable articles or reports to discuss on the emit forum.