Embedding Literacy and Nunmeracy Module/Assessment

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At the successful completion of this course, participants will have a teaching portfolio containing:

Knowing the Demands

  1. A course outline (of the course you teach).
  2. Identification of the literacy and numeracy skill requirements of your course by mapping texts and tasks against the appropriate literacy or numeracy progressions.
  3. A contextualised literacy or numeracy assessment for your course. This will be developed from the mapped tasks.
  4. A new literacy or numeracy learning outcome for your course.

Knowing the Student

  1. An analysis of a sample of at least two students' work which maps the skill level of the learner to the Learning Progressions. You may choose to use the Adult Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Tool (ALNAT).
  2. A discussion of your learners’ reading, writing and numeracy skills, based on assessment information and the Learning Progressions.
  3. Carry out a summative assessment of your two learners to show progress. You may use the ALNAT.

Knowing What to Do

  1. A minimum of three lesson plans showing the methods and strategies you will use to embed the literacy or numeracy skills required for your course in response to the needs of the students above. Highlight any changes you have made to your current lesson plans as a result of this PD
  2. Include any other teaching strategies you may use now or in the future with your learners to support their literacy or numeracy development (minimum 3). These may be entire lesson plans or a list of possible activities which can be inserted anywhere in a lesson.
  3. Develop individual learning plans to track progress of the two learners and monitor how they are coping with the literacy or numeracy demands of the course. You may wish to do this with the assistance of the Learning Centre.