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At successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

1.Determine the numeracy and literacy demands on learners in the context of the learners’ course of study and workplace;

2.Develop and/or use a range of assessment tools and strategies to assess a learner’s literacy and numeracy skills in relation to the Learning Progressions;

3.Demonstrate the use of appropriate methods for assessing literacy progress within a programme;

4.Plan and deliver activities that will enhance literacy and/or numeracy skill development;

5.Demonstrate the use of appropriate methods for evaluating the effectiveness of planning and delivering embedded literacy and numeracy skill development within a vocational course.

The assessment is in the form of a portfolio made up of two assessments:

1. A slide presentation on three principles of effective literacy and/or numeracy teaching you have researched;

2. A report on embedding literacy and numeracy in your programme or course context.

The report is submitted in four parts and is best worked on in small bites over the duration of the period you work with a cohort of students. The last two parts need to be submitted after you have had the chance to implement your literacy and numeracy teaching strategies, reassess students’ literacy and numeracy progress, and evaluate your approach.

A detailed structured template is provided for the report to ensure you cover all the learning outcomes.An electronic Word version of this template is available for Otago Polytechnic staff in the Staff Support for Embedding Literacy course in Moodle. (You can log in as a guest).

The slide presentation can be completed early in the course, once you have explored some external literacy and numeracy websites, books, articles, or conference presentations to identify three principles of effective literacy and/or numeracy instruction, appropriate to your teaching context. There is an example in Moodle.

Instructions and the marking schedules for both assessments can be found here

If planning to graduate this year - all assessed work must be in for marking by November 8th.

The material in Wikieducator has background information, useful links and ideas that will help you meet the assessment requirements.Explore!