Electronic Communication -- Intermediate

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To successfully complete this unit you will demonstrate you can

Browse the Internet

Your school may also provide you with access to online registration. Demonstrate to your instructor or instructional assistant (I/A) you can use your school's online registration system. Camosun students will go to https://camlink.camosun.bc.ca and login with the college student id that begins with a capital C. You will find this number on your library card. Ask your instructor or I/A what your initial password is. If you have trouble, click on the Contact Us button at the top right of the screen.

Access the MyCamosun Portal

Next demonstrate to your instructor that you can access the above Camosun student portal. Camosun students will find instructions on how to do that by right mouse button clicking on http://my.camosun.ca/. Camosun students may need to login to a college computer on campus. Information about lab locations and hours is available at http://camosun.ca/services/cts/. Instructional assistants are available in the college computer labs to help you with this.

Computer Viruses

With the above done, right mouse click on the Computer Viruses and Firewall links and open in a new tab or window. Review the information there and then return to Intermediate Computer Studies. Be prepared to have a discussion on this topic with your instructor or I/A to demonstrate you knowledge. As always, if you have any questions please talk to your instructor or instructional assistant who are available to help you face-to-face.

When You Are Done

Click on Intermediate Computer Studies to return to the previous page.