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Roles and Responsibilities

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Roles and Responsibilities:
  1. Understand importance of Code of conduct
  2. Understand need for special officers
  3. Understand role of Chair
  4. Understand role of Secretary
  5. Understand role of Treasurer

Code of Conduct

It is sensible to produce this as a written document

Good manners
Adhere to goals and constitution of organisation
Apologies from those unable to attend meetings
Need to update any change of personal details
Register of interests

Officers of Organisation

Principal Officers

Other officers may be required
For particular role within organisation
To represent organisation externally

Role of Chair

Public face of organisation
Draw up agenda
Finalise minutes
Decide on guests attending
Guides meeting from beginning to end
Ensure decisions are made properly:
With action plan for implementation

Role of Secretary

Responsible for effective communications
Prepares minutes for finalisation by chair
Sends out minutes and other paperwork
Prepares paperwork for meetings including any ballot papers if needed for an election
Maintain up-to-date distribution list for organisation
First point of contact for organisation
For registered body, responsible for filing any necessary information

Role of Treasurer

Responsible for finances
Produces financial reports for meetings
May have to arrange external audit as provided for by the organisations roles
Presents accounts at Annual general meeting


By drawing up the schedule for the year, it is easier for people to make sure they are available. Remember it is usually easier to find an alternative nearby location than to find an alternative time, particularly if people are busy.

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Roles and Responsibility

To prepare (or review) induction pack for organisation, to include

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Roles of Officers: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and any other offiers the organisation might have
  3. Contact sheet
  4. Schedule of meetings

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