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A project idea which started in Africa. This page gives some background and challenges you to take the idea forward using new approaches.

In most parts of Africa access to the Internet is limited (slow, expensive or non-existent). However, some computers have found their way into fairly remote areas and educational resources may usefully be shared on CD/DVD, mobile devices (and/or other channels).

During the developer roadshows in Africa resources were listed (see FLOSS4Edu Tools etc.) for possible inclusion on the "Education Out of the Box" CDs/DVDs, and a navigation scheme was designed.

An additional objective would be to write a tutorial "Getting Started with FLOSS in Education".

Team: HTML designer with graphics skills, participants knowledgeable on some of the key components (e.g. Moodle, eXe, etc.) and able to share technical knowledge on how to install these components, educators to represent users and help design the navigation scheme and user interface.

In West Africa a team worked on the navigation scheme: