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Why This WikiEducator Site?

The theme of the roadshows was "education and localisation". WikiEducator is one of the largest communities of educators from around the world for whom localisation is a constant necessity. The chances of some of these educators taking up the challenge here are quite high.

Why Roadshows?

Minimise the number of people that have to travel. Maximise local participation. Train local people to convene such events. Ensure local capacity exists to continue the work.


There is a known communication gap between software developers and users. Bringing them together for an event (like these) provides an opportunity for interaction. Users get an understanding of the world of programmers while programmers gain an understanding of their needs ... and hopefully a mutual understanding of why they tend to miss each other.

Why FLOSS developers?

With the "developing" world in mind, FLOSS provides an opportunity for local ICT industries and for developers to learn and help each other and their communities with software localisation and development. The benefits of FLOSS include becoming active contributors rather than passive consumers (of restricted software), self-determination, freedom to adapt, share and innovate, unrestricted collaboration, transparency, community, interoperability through open standards, ....

What next?

If you are in any way inspired by these roadshows and would like to replicate the idea in your region / country / community / etc., then mobilise your network of friends, colleagues, etc. and make it happen.

For ideas on how to get started, check out (and add to) some of the links below: