E-Portfolio Workshop Katowice

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  • Introduction: What is an E-Portfolio: Video: 5-7 minutes
  • Discussion: Discuss with your neighbours
    • Requirements for the introduction of E-Portfolios in your/an educational context
  • Input: What is an E-Portfolio - Vortrag!
  • Tools: Mahara, Elgg,
  • fill in, profil, CV
  • Blog entry
  • Community
  • Disucssion


Here you can find all relevant information and materials for the E-Portfolio workshop at the EcoMedia 2008 in Katowice. This combination is a small section from the MOSEP E-Portfolio Train-the-Trainer course (currently in a development stage) and should give you an overview about the topic, the contents and tools.

Presentation slides

Here you can download the slides of the workshop as PDF document: Download

MOSEP - E-Portfolio course

The E-Portfolio course (not finalised at the moment) with all modules and tasks is available in the WikiEducator under the name MOSEP. The navigation to each module and session can be currently found in the right sidebar. Due to the incompatibility with the WikiEducator the multimedia content is administrated on other web portals.

E-Portfolio software

Within the workshop we want to demonstrate and discus the following Software tools:

Task description

For the practical proving, please follow the links below to the tasks of the MOSEP course. You can discuss all tasks with your group and fill in your experiences in the Blog of your portfolio. Afterwards you have got the possiblity to carry on the discussion virtually (e.g. through comments and citation of other entries).

  • Background materials
    • Screencasts about the usage of Mahara: (German, about 8-10 minutes) http://prokey.podspot.de/
    • Study about didactical and organisational frameworks within the introduction of an E-Portfolio in higher education: DOWNLOAD

Media types you can include in the portfolio

You can download the following "Dummy-documents" and include them for experimental purposes into your e-portfolio.