Do Application Servers Suck

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Some Title
Convenor: Dimitris Andreadis
  • Rickard Öberg
  • Yiannis Foukarakis
  • Ioannis Skitsas
  • We analyzed some basic functions of application servers
    • Classloading / Modules
    • Injection / Wiring / Lookup
    • Services (transactions, security, messaging, etc.)
    • Management & Configuration
  • Usual reasons for Application Server to Suck
    • Heavyweight (memory footprint, boot speed)
    • Making the debugging of user apps more difficult
    • Classloading issues
  • We discussed some of the innovations of JBoss AS 7 that address many pain points
    • Parallel boot, taking advantage all available cores
    • Truly modular design based on JBoss Modules
    • Detyped core management information model
    • JSON externalization of mgmt model allowing all sorts of clients (e.g. perl)
    • New configuration model appealing to administrators
    • etc.

As a special note, Rickard happened to be the architect of JBoss 2.x!

Conclusion : App Server do not really suck ;-)

  • Extends IDEs with automatic exception filtering of appserver classes from stacktraces to ease debugging
  • JABBER (XMPP) based heartbeat service?
  • Get administrators input when designing management consoles!
  • Implement the circuit breaker pattern in the JCA subsystem?!