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Team Charter

--Benjamin Stewart 19:53, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

Project strategy

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Phase one

  • Solicit others to collaborate in the design of an open course in English language learning
  • The focus now is on English language learning.
  • Explain the initial idea of the project.
  • DLL wiki is broken down into four areas
    • The main wiki page that explains the basics of the course
    • The individual levels (I-VIII), each having its own wiki page that act as a syllabus or guide.
    • The last area is something I'm currently calling ”English web”. This is designed specifically for the English language learner and will include tips, links, and other helpful information that will assist the language learning process

Phase two

  • Define understandings, essential questions, and key assessments for each week (or module) through collaborative dialog. That's not to say that these will be different each week, but that each week these three elements should be explicit for all stakeholders. I'm defining stakeholders as educators, English language learners, and English speakers in general who have an interest in assisting ELLs.
  • Define the curriculum, key assessments, and instruction aspects of this project. Although listed here as following the collaboration of individual levels, both will be done simultaneously.

Phase three

  • Plan for and implement professional development workshops that address curriculum, assessment, and instruction as they pertain to this project.
  • Revise, modify, and add to the project based on feedback from the PD workshops.


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