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In Applied Linguistics class teacher Benjamin used TPR method to introduce assumptions about teaching. First he gave instructions about some movements students have to do to express agreement or disagreement, after that teacher said the assumptions one by one and students expressed their opinion through using movements previously explained. Finally students got the assumptions by physical response also called TPR. TEAM CECY MIRIAM MONICA VANESSA


Kinesthetic is the most challenging learning style that teachers face every day. This challenge is because they have to find activities and techniques that keep student’s interest, since kinesthetic students learn through movement such as physical activities. In contrast to the auditive and visual style, kinesthetic is related to learning issues derived from the lack of attention. Therefore, teachers should be in continuous training in order to manage this different learning style. Sofia Pacheco, Susan Morales, Lorena Velazquez, Haziel Argüelles, David Naranjo


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Humanism is one of the most useful approaches for students’ learning processes. It involves students’ feelings and emotions in order to enhance their particular learning. In addition, Humanism pretends to convey students for a successful active learning through relaxing environments where the teachers’ main role is as a facilitator. However, Humanism has only some disadvantages in comparison with other approaches.

Team: Adriana, Lizeth, Eli Gil, Yuriko & Daniel


Teaching methods are important when learning a second language. Among some of the most popular ones are: Total Physical Response (T.P.R), Direct, and Grammar Translation Method. The first one, T.P.R, involves activities in which students learn through movements. The second one, the Direct Method, is taught by exposing students to dialogues from real situations. The third one, the Grammar Translation Method, is based one written texts and it focuses on reading and writing through translation. They are the most common methods but their success depends on the teacher's application.

Ursula Palos Sandra Corpus Alby George Emmanuel Alvarez