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For Teachers:

This resource is still in development.
This project outlines a possible 4 week project aimed at students in the age range 12 - 15. It looks at the development of a new school as part of a development of a new urban area in a city.

  • The project links the local Ministry of Education, the developers of the site, architects and educational "futurists" with students as they are asked the questions of just what type of school should be built, and why?
  • There are strong curriculum links with mathematics, English, social studies, science, health and physical education. The situation is authentic, and the links to the community are self evident.
  • In addition, the project seeks to look at the role that emerging technologies might play in reshaping classrooms of the future, and students are challenged to consider just what the role of the "classroom" might be in their proposals.

The project introduction

The Ministry of Education and the developers of the Stonefields site have commissioned your group to provide a proposal for the type of school that should be developed in the new subdivision. The class will be split into four teams who will compete to have their proposal accepted by the "board" of the new development. Specifically your proposal must consider the following:

Overview of Stonefields development
  • what should the "learning environment" look like at the school, and why?
  • what subjects should be taught, and why?
  • how will the new technologies as described in the Horizon Report of 2009 affect the learning opportunities offered?
  • how will the community be involved with the school?
  • how is the special character of the area catered for in your plan?

Your proposal will be supported by a detailed scale model of your plan, and with detailed models developed in Google Sketchup and Google Earth. You will need to consider the specific requirements for all academic and extra-curricular options in your proposal. This may include the types of building, building materials, sound implications, visual implications and so on. You will need to show significant research to support your suggestions as well as introduce any new or creative ideas your team will have.

Your proposal should be accompanied by a detailed web site which can be used to promote your plans and concepts to the wider community as well as to the development board.

On the last day of the project, your project team will make a formal presentation to the board. This presentation will be up to 45 minutes in length and must include detailed information of all aspects of your work <kaltura-widget kalturaid='hexu3zjfy8' size='M' align='L'/>