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Course schedule

Participants in the DS4OER course reside in different time zones. We recommend that you follow the course in your own time zone. For example, Monday means your Monday and not the time zone where the lead facilitator is located.

Session 1

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Establish your personal learning environment, familiarise yourself with the course site and introduce yourself to course participants using your course blog.

Session 2

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Developing wiki skills

Find out about wiki's and the WikiEducator community. Learn and demonstrate basic wiki skills on your user page in WikiEducator

Session 3

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Designing a blueprint

Develop and publish a course description and design blueprint for the resources you will be developing for this course.

Session 4

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Designing a storyboard

Publish a storyboard to provide a high level visualisation to support the design of your online learning sequence.

Session 5

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Outlining a course

Sequence and chunk the individual pages for the two learning pathways and publish a course outline in the wiki which is used for generating a course site.

Session 6

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Improving digital skills for OER

Preknowledge associated with the compatibility of Creative Commons licenses for reuse and remix, and guidelines for finding OER. Overview of the digital skills learning challenges.

Session 7

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Completing the digital skills challenges

Series of learning challenges designed to improve your digital skills in collaborative OER development while producing resources for reuse in the learning pathways you will be developing on this course.

Session 8

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Developing learning pathways

Session 9

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Publishing a course site