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Agenda and notes for online meetings to discuss developments and other aspects of Wikieducator

Tuesday, 06 November at 00:01 UTC

Attending and objectives --Leighblackall 06:21, 31 October 2007 (CET) to Discuss Otago Template page generator


Sunday, 21 October 2007 at 23:00 UTC

Meeting Venue & Duration

  • Venue: Sue Wates from Australia has set up an Elluminate room for us on her server! Lets try that.

Owing to a failure in the Elluminate software at this time, the meeting will be held via Skypecast. Unfortunately skypecast is not reliable for people with dialup connection speeds. Sign in to the skypecast website with your Skype username and password and then search for "wikieducator" to locate the skypecast. Follow the instructions from there.

  • Duration: 1.5 hours (90 minutes)

Title / Topic

Participants (Note: to save time in the meeting we will not be doing lengthy introductions - please give colleagues an opportunity to get to know each other via a link to your User Page, or other identifier.)


  • This meeting has been suggested by Randy Fisher to arrange real-time meetings and attempt to cluster people around developing specific projects and projects-within-projects (i.e., mini-projects).
  • Leigh Blackall has responded to this idea by setting up an Elluminate Meeting Space to discuss and develop resources around a specific topic of interest to Otago Polytechnic: "Facilitating Online Learning Communities".
    • Facilitating Online Learning Communities is a course Leigh is helping to run. Currently, learners within the course are focusing on the benefits of wikis.
    • One of the Course Objectives is for to learners to experience a "barn raising" event, and to observe collaborative editing through the Wikieducator platform in general, and on their Course pages specifically.
    • Leigh hopes that Wikieducators who are interested in Randy's original idea will be willing to participate in the Facilitating Online Learning Communities barn-raising event.



  • To participate in a 'barn-raising' activity - for Facilitating Online Communities.
  • To demonstrate to Course participants WikiEducator's collaboration benefits and community spirit.
  • To generate and share ideas regarding collating, ordering and structuring of pages relating to the specified course: Facilitating Online Learning Communities.
  • To receive real-time assistance from experienced Wikieducator editors.
  • To discuss the idea of regular real time meetings for a variety of other projects and issues.


  • To initiate a cluster of WikiEducators in New Zealand
  • To engage this NZ Cluster through a collaborative dialogue about mini-projects of interest (i.e., projects-within-projects) - to both the NZ cluster and the WikiEd community.
  • To identify specific individuals that the Cluster believes would could make a significant the future (i.e., they would be invited to join the Cluster);
  • To identify specific opportunities for real-time collaborative editing using WikiEd as an accelerated development platform;
  • To focus collaborative energy on these mini-projects of interest to both the NZ Cluster and the WikiEd community
  • To develop free elearning content on WikiEd - and pave the way for sustainable growth and additional capacity-building (in line with WikiEd's strategic plan, and Community-Building Project)
  • To strengthen opportunities for WikiEd content development and relationship-building.


  • To establish a NZ country page for Kiwi WikiEducators to connect as a catalyst for growing Leigh's project and subsequently the NZ free content movement. Hopefully New Zealand's experience can become a model for replicating success in other countries in the Commonwealth.


  • Keep up with what is going on. Have one project in search of a home

Other objectives

  • To seek advice from the community on effective strategies to scale free content development
  • To explore the feasibility of a NZ "No.8 Wire" approach in pioneering a national models for collaboration in free content development that could potentially be replicated around the world.


  • Welcome Participants - Leigh (5 min.)
  • Overview of Meeting Purpose - Leigh, Randy (5 min, each)
  • Review Tasks for Course Development - Leigh
  • Review WikiEd tasks - Randy, Wayne
  • Other agenda items - TBD


Notes from the meeting