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Ideas for raising awareness about free software in Africa, connecting developers with potential users and building capacity for software development.

Learning Resources Development

Empower educators to use (e.g.) WikiEducator, and then use it to collaboratively develop high priority relevant learning resources.



Ideas for new events.Tip: build a strong on-line community first and build something useful. Then, when there are good reasons to get together, plan one or more events.

  • Convene a "connected village community" roadshow. By the end of the week or two the village will have a server and wireless mesh network and the skills to maintain these facilities. On the server include (e.g.) schools Wikipedia, e-mail, a web server and wiki, LMS (e.g. Moodle), developer tutorials, and tools to develop locally relevant knowledge resources. This could be extended by linking with other projects and including their participation:
  • Face to face Learning4Content workshops.