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Free/Libre Software offers a promising alternative for meeting the software needs of civil society across the African continent. But much work remains to be done in building understanding, capacity and community among developers interested in creating tools.

The FLOSS Developer Roadshows are convened to bring African software developers to meet one another, share skills and build knowledge, all while working with users and domain experts to design and implement appropriate tools for civil society. The goals of the events include meeting sustainable development needs, while at the same time enhancing the pool of appropriate software skills in the regions. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the potential and reality of FLOSS for civil society, as well as new expertise and an enhanced network of contacts and potential collaborators.

The theme of Developer Roadshows is "Education and Localisation", chosen on account of the role of education in addressing all the challenges and opportunities in Africa, and on account of the high probability of being able to link activities emerging from the events to initiatives with their own momentum (for sustainability and impact across the continent).